About ...

A bit of his history

João is absolutely passionate about human development, for challenging possibilities and awakening the best in every person he meets.

Considered a true people coach and talent igniter, its corporate clients include Altice Portugal, McDonald’s, Sportzone, Closer, Grupo Cofina Media, Hovione, Porsche and Fidelidade.

He has the rare ability to engage the audience, delivering content, ideas and tools that help anyone become aware of their true potential and achieve unusual results.

He was not born with a silver spoon in is mouth, much less considered himself lucky. He is just an eternal and dedicated learner.

He firmly believes that: everything has to happen first insde of us, to be materialized later outside of us.


Some defining moments

Life is anything but a straight line! It is a constant roller coaster, composed of peaks and valleys, where I do for learning in the valleys and celebrating in the peaks.


My biggest dream falls apart! Some injuries along with a weak mental and emotional preparation, led me to prematurely abandon my career as an athlete, as a football goalkeeper.


After football came business. My first experience as an entrepreneur went nowhere as I had designed it, having failed completely at the age of 23, resulting in a state of deep depression, many bills to pay and a 30 kg weight increase.


Says the popular saying - who tries two times, tries three times! When we want something we can achieve it! I embraced all my adversities, all my strengths and created my second company in business networking and behavioral training. 6 years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears, which allowed me to reach a new complet new level of results.


Being a reference in the sector in Portugal, I embraced the challenge of opening a new market, this time in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, where I had the privilege and responsibility of leading more than 600 people. It is still one of the fastest growing companies in its segment in Latin America.


August 2016 is my Eureka moment: the vast majority of people are not mentally and emotionally prepared to build the personal and professional life they truly want to have. The vast majority lives repressed, with their talents crushed by fears, insecurities, false beliefs, toxic relationships and dependencies of family and social contexts. And it was here that I made a big decision...


And the decision was: sell my 3 companies!

Despite the success I was living in Portugal and Brazil, I knew that my path was different. In October 2017, I sold my 3 companies and dedicated myself exclusively to coahing, mentoring and speeches on topics related to Talent, Leadership, Communication, Potential and Development and Personal Mastery.


Always learning consistently, I search for great mentors like Robin Sharma and John C. Maxwell. I had the privileged to be the first Portuguese at Sharma Leadership International and Maxwell Leadership Certified Team. I also attended a specialization in Building High Performing Teams at Harvard University in the United States.


In my journey to date, I have invested many thousands of hours learning, thinking and doing. I have organized more than 300 events, helped more than 14,000 people of 20 nationalities in their personal lives and in their businesses, I've delivered more than 11,000 hours in coaching, training and speeches. And the journey continues... If we cross paths, I hope I can give you everything I have!

To help people and organizations become aware

of their true potential and train them

to materialize all their talent.

My Cause

The Power of Dream - from imagination to realization

You are your main obstacle!

When children we dream a lot. Some of us fight for the dream, while others let themselves be influenced and controlled by impossibilities, improbabilities, and external circumstances and end up never even trying. Being a professional football player was my biggest childhood dream.

At the age of 10, I was diagnosed with a severe neurological disorder that, according to one of the neurologists at the Santa Maria hospital in the early 1990s, would prevent me from practicing any sport for the rest of my life.

But, my life was sport! And now what?! I would gave up the dream? And what do parents do in this situation?

Even with all the serious risks, quitting was not an option. I made sure my parents knew that.

Despite everything and everyone, I persevered as a goalkeeper in a small club in a small village in Portugal, a place with very few options I should say.

The Power of Dreaming - from imagination to realization

Dedication pays off!

Vision, dedication, effort, belief and will paid dividends. At 14 years old my great opportunity arises - to play in the national football championship in Estoril. But the opportunity brought another set of obstacles, especially the distance and lack of financial resources to be able to do so.

But that didn’t stop me. At the top of my 14 years, to travel to Estoril by train, I spent every day, Monday to Friday, 6 hours on public transportation between my small village and Estoril. 

With many ups and downs along the way, 5 years later, at 19 and already playing in a European club, I was a small step away from signing a contract with Inter Milan. The dream was materializing. Due to some factors it didn’t happen, but...

...the main lessons were learned:

◉ When the dream is clear, we find a way to get there;
◉ The main obstacles lie in our mind;
◉ Alone everything its much more difficult;
◉ It is not technical competence that makes the difference in our lifes, it is our emotional intelligence, our behavioral and social abilities. 

The Power of Dreaming - from imagination to realization

Through my 20-year career, I have experienced many learnings, successes, and failures, and now I know which skills often fail when it comes to building a life that is aligned with our true talents and allowing us to fully exploit our potential.

Today, I am more prepared and trained to do it for myself and for all those who choose me to join them on their growth journey. I made of helping others be their best my life mission.

Are you ready to seriously work on yourself?

...because we need better human beings in the World

It is with great responsibility and a sense of service that João, within the scope of his Humaniser initiative, gives free lectures and workshops to Educational Institutions (public and private), with the aim of enhancing the development of emotional intelligence in children and adolescents, mainly skills such as leadership, resilience, communication and emotion management.