From technology to sports, from retail to tourism, João has leveraged the talent and performance of several leading people and companies

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Where do you want to accelerate your growth?

Because in life... everything is trainable!

Whether in your personal life, profession, company or sports career, i'm absolutely sure that you have so much more talent than what you are showing right now!

Working with me as your Coach is to assume a serious commitment with your growth and continuous development. Together we will build rare-air results!


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“João has been a great mentor. He has helped me conquer new Olympic challenges for life!”

Nuno Delgado | Former Athlete, Olympic Medalist and EJND President

"A 200% growth in my communication and leadership skills!"

Paulo Fonseca

"May you have a long life to continue helping people to recognize themselves and to feel more fulfilled in what they set out to do."

Ana Luísa Oliveira

"Working with João it's very enriching! New perspectives open up for my personal growth in a very consistent way."

Rita Pina

"Thank you so much for helping me see more clearly what I want for my life and how I can leave my mark in the world."

Mónica Pimentel

"You bring approaches and deep content that bring about a real change in our way of thinking, feeling and acting. Thank you João!"

Marcy Lopes
Growth doesn't happen by accident, it has to be intentional.
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Growth doesn't happen by accident, it has to be intentional.

You cannot control your circumstances, but you can control your growth. Join me and together we will create your intentional personal development and growth plan >>